INTEGRA of PT Logistik Teknologi Indonesia, is a marketing brand name of our System Integrator & Implementation Services, market positioned as a trusted System Integrator established with clear objective, to provide EFFECTIVE and QUALITY solutions to our Customers. Having thorough  understanding about the challenges and potentials of the business, we bring together  a team of experts in data network and mission critical applications, collaborating with  world class technology providers to help our Customers meet their business goals. 
As member of LTI Group, we are leveraging decades years of the company‚Äôs experiences in building complex data network, mission critical software applications, and round the clock, 24x7 support. 








Architecting Communications

We are determined to be the best in what we do. We are determined to partner only with reputable principals who are willing to transfer  knowledge and empower us to provide local support.


Creating Opportunities

To deliver true experience to our Customers. And to our stakeholders, we are  determined to treat each other with trust and respect. To perform to the highest level of achievement and to contribute and support  Corporate Social Responsibilities.









We believe in growth, integrity, and quality. That “today must be better than yesterday and tomorrow must be better than today” is not just an adagium. Instead, it’s our basic approach to shaping our outputs. Always strive for updated insights, latest technologies, and upgraded services as well as for the fresh ways to improve our human resources can be alternative strategies to manage growth and quality.

Yet, integrity is all about trust. It is as important to us as it is to you to deliver what have been promised and to deliver it all, timely and rightly.


• Whatever we do, be interacting within the organization, interacting with our customers, or with societies we live in, we must do so with uncompromising integrity
• By Integrity we mean trustworthy, with strong moral principles


• We value innovation
• We work SMART (apply knowledge and skills rather than brute force)
• We encourage entrepreneurship with responsibility


• We act and perform with speed and agility
• We must adjust to new situation constantly with no time out








To Deliver True User Experience To Our Customers

With an ever-increasing business emphasis on customer focus, we make continuous efforts to create differentiated and compelling experiences across all our products and services. We continuously inspire and encourage our employees to place our customers at the focal point of everything we do


Our mission is to serve our customers far beyond what they say they want. It is about our comprehensive offerings that involves seamless services of multiple disciplines, constant re-assessment, and the respect and value we provide to our customers .








PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia is a holding company of INTEGRA. PT. Lintas Teknologi Indonesia was established on August 2001 by the former leadership team of Lucent Indonesia, LT-Indonesia have grown from 40 to more than 200 professionals. LT-Indonesia have successfully deployed core infrastructure, applications and managed services solutions to major telecommunication operator across the Indonesian archipelago and abroad. LT-Indonesia manage projects from the most remote rural locations to city centers, from single item delivery to the implementation of complex network and mission critical software applications.